Why a Professional Should Match Your Rackets, Part 2

My previous post on why a professional should match your rackets was one of my more popular posts. So, here is Part 2.

Just so no one thinks that there was something unique about the Head rackets we looked at last time, here are four rackets from a racket package delivered from Wilson. Rather than showing the different swingweights as I did before, check out the static weight of these four Six-One 95s.

The lightest of the four is 328.3 and the heaviest is 336.6 grams — a difference of 8.3 grams. As noted before, this is surely within the manufacturing tolerance for a mass produced item like a tennis racket.

But to maximize your tennis game, you should consider having a professional match your rackets so that the only variable in your tennis game is you.

Wilson 228

Wilson 331

Wilson 334

Wilson 336

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