Why A Professional Should Match Your Rackets

Ever wonder why you like one of your rackets more than the others? They’re the same rackets, with the same strings strung at the same tension, after all. What could be going on?

Remember that tennis rackets are mass produced commodities and there is an acceptable level of variation in the outcome of the manufacturing process.

For example, we received a package of with four Head Prestige Midpluses this fall. Before stringing them and turning them over to our player, we took the specs of each racket. Below you can see photos form the Alpha swingweight machine we use. The difference in the swingweight between the lightest and heaviest rackets was 13 points, and none of the four rackets were the same.

Lesson: don’t assume that because you have the same make/model of racket that they will be exactly the same. If you have one racket you like more than others, you should have a professional match your rackets to that one in terms of weight, balance, and swingweight.


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