Part 3: ATP World Tour and WTA Tour Citi Open Stringing Reflections

Reflections on days 4-7 of the tournament:

Saturday brought the second round of women’s qualifying and first round of men’s qualifying, so the numbers will be increasing for the next several days. To handle the increase flow, we bought in a fourth stringer, Alan Taylor. As you can see, Alan and I are facing each other for hour after hour so even though we just met we got to know each other pretty well.

Now that we are settled in, the days get more and more similar. We arrive at the site around 8 am and are stringing or on call until the end of the last match. So, for example, on Monday night, Jeremy Chardy defeated Edouard Roger-Vasselin in a match that concluded at 1:30 am. The following night, Sam Querrey and Igor Andreev played until 1:15 am.

Each successive day gets a bit more challenging, with more rackets and less sleep the night before. Hands, back, legs, and feet get more fatigued with each day so it becomes more and more important to sit and stretch whenever possible.

Saturday through Tuesday is the peak of the tournament in terms of numbers of players. My counts were:

Day 4: 19 rackets

Day 5: 23

Day 6: 22

Day 7: 25

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