Part 2: ATP World Tour and WTA Tour Citi Open Tennis Tournament Stringing Reflections

Reflections from Thursday, July 26th – Day 2 at tournament:

I am in DC stringing for Jay Lewandowski (in the number 1 position in the picture below) – proprietor of Game.Set.Match Tennis, which has the stringing contract at the Citi Open as well as the ATP Winston-Salem Open where we will be a couple of weeks.  Jay and I got to the site at 8 a.m. today expecting more players to arrive for the men’s and women’s qualifying Friday and Saturday. We were not extremely busy, but the pace of rackets was steady for the two of us. I finished the day having done 10 rackets, knowing full well that each successive day will bring more than the previous. In terms of serious racket flow, the tournament won’t even really start until Sunday.

The third of four members of the stringing team arrived today from Dallas, Dustin Tankersley (in the #2 position in the picture). Dustin is a workhorse with a lot of experience who is a member of the Wilson stringing team that handles the US Open. If Jay is the captain of the team, Dustin is the assistant captain. I ask him a lot of questions while I am stringing. The basic process of installing strings is relatively straightforward, but with the number of different rackets, strings, and stringing patterns we see, questions always arise about how to handle particular situations.

Of the 10 rackets I did today, one was for Paul Henri Mathieu, who got into town early and was preparing for his main draw match on Monday or Tuesday. The rest were for women playing in the qualies tomorrow.

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