Cory Parr Pro Transition Blog #10 – Decisions

More year-end stats for Cory Parr, plus a new blog entry below.

Cory played 10 tournaments as a professional this year, beginning in June: 8 ITF Futures events and 2 ATP Challenger Tour events. In singles, he won 11 matches and lost 8, earning $2,416 in prize money.

In doubles, he made the semi-finals or better in all 8 Futures events he played, winning 6 of them, earning $2,807 in prize money.

Here is Cory’s latest blog entry from GEM Tennis:

Hey everyone. I just got home to New York after a few weeks of traveling to Virginia and Tennessee. My last tournament in Tennessee did not go so well. I had to play my doubles partner Todd in the first round of qualifying. Obviously, just like last time, it was very weird playing your best friend and someone you always travel with. This time however unlike in Mexico, I was able to focus on my game and what I needed to do, and was able to pull out the win 7-5 in the third set. It was not fun playing Todd, but I was happy that I played a pretty good match. In the second round of qualifying, I lost 7-6 in the third set after having a chance to serve out the match being up 5-3 in the third set. It was definitely disappointing not to be able to close out that match, but there are so many matches to be played that I cannot let this one bother me too much. It was a little upsetting of a tournament, but overall, I thought it was a successful trip being able to see that level of tennis on the Challenger tour. Everything is still a learning experience for me, so I am happy to take in as much knowledge and experience everything that I can in order to help me succeed on tour.

This time of the year on tour is the off season. There really are not many tournaments going on, so it is a good time to relax from tennis for a little while, and then start seriously training to get ready for next year. Currently I am debating whether I will be traveling for two tournaments in the Dominican Republic right after thanksgiving. It is going to be a tough decision for me, because one side of me wants to go pick up more points, so that I have a higher ranking starting next year. While the other side of me thinks that I have played enough and it is a good time now to reflect on the year, set new goals for next year, and start training and working on my game. I think a really important thing that I have learned, is that you cannot keep playing tournaments every week. Making sure that you set up a schedule where you get good training in with a coach is really important in the development of your game. Traveling to a lot of tournaments and picking up points is great, but if your not working on and developing your game, then its kind of a waste. There are definitely some important things I need to work on, and it is important that I set aside time to develop and get better.

I have been working with a coach in North Carolina who has really began to help me understand the importance of setting goals, and having a plan to achieve those goals. So from now until the end of the year I will be in the gym a lot to try and put on some weight and work on some things with my game that need to improve in order for me to achieve my goals. Being in New York is also a difficult place to train because of the weather. So in December I am going to Arizona with a few friends on tour to train in some nicer weather. That is all for now.


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