Cory Parr Pro Transition Blog #7 – Mexico, Part 2

A second posting by Cory on GEM Tennis from Mexico, October 9th:

Hi everyone. I’m still in Monterrey Mexico for my last tournament of the trip. It has been a pretty good tournament so far. Yesterday I won my first round in singles after saving a match point in the second set. It was a really tough match against a good player from Holland who was playing with a lot of confidence after last weeks tournament where he reached the finals. It’s definitely a good confidence booster for the upcomming rounds to win a tough 3 set match where we were on the court for three and a half hours.
Earlier today, in the next round, I beat the 6th seed from Argentina Maximilia Estevez. It was a pretty good match where I thought I played pretty well. Tomorrow in the quarterfinals I play the number 1 seed who I lost to last week. I know it will be a really tough match, but I hope to be able to learn from my previous match against him and use that to my advantage.

In doubles, Todd Paul and I have also been playing well. We have won our first few rounds and are now in the semifinals. The weather here in Monterrey has been really hot and humid. I feel like everytime we walk outside we start to sweat. Todd and I are always drinking a ton of water and gatorade to make sure that we stay hydrated. The last thing that we want out here is to be on the court in a long match and start to cramp because we haven’t been drinking enough.

So far I have been traveling and playing tournaments for about 3 months. It seems that on every trip I learn so much more about myself and what I need to do. This trip I’ve learned so much about the importance of taking care of myself. I know that sounds really simple, but trust me from experience, it’s really easy ignore subtle pains and be too lazy to take care of it. During this trip I probably spend a couple of hours a day icing, stretching, taping my body, and even sometimes getting massages. When your out on the road for a few weeks, especially not in the best of conditions, your body tends to break down a little. Whether you are a little sick, and/or sore from playing a lot, you really need to focus on that and make sure you go about getting better as soon as possible. It’s crazy how one little sore shoulder or elbow can lead to something really serious to the point where you cannot compete in these tournaments anymore. I’m saying this as I have ice on my ankle from when I rolled in last week. Anyway, tomorrow will be a long and tough day with singles and doubles. I hope to continue playing well. That’s all for now!



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